Blue Nui Features - Gilles PETRE

is the only structure in Polynesia to offer a wide variety of destinations within the same chain of hotels.

Manihi - Bora Bora - Tikehau - Tahaa

So you can count on the same quality service throughout your stay in our islands.

Gilles PETRE : The Pioneer

The first BLUE NUI was founded by Gilles PETRE in 1989 in Manihi.

Since then he has opened respectively Bora Bora in 2000, and Tikehau in 2001. And in 2002......Tahaa!
The knowledge he has gained during his years of experience in the diving world, coupled with his own personal qualities, have allowed him to put together a team of dive instructors who know how to create the special atmosphere that is the Blue Nui experience.

He supervises them all now from Bora Bora.