Dive Center Description - Dive Organisation
Bora Bora Blue Nui was constructed within the Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort in 2000.
It is located on the beach of the hotel about 20 yards from the arrival and departure dock.

The dive center offers all the amenities.
Diving equipment, tank fills, video... all is within easy reach. Laborious lifting and carrying is limited.

Inside, everything is laid out to make your welcome the warmest possible.
A large open room allows you to get to know the team of instructors and document your dives. The magazines and books on fish, as well as maps of the area, will help you get to know all about Bora Bora while an underwater video shows the most beautiful scenes. You can even view your own images after each dive if you have an underwater camera.
All equipment is rinsed in a basin of fresh water.
You can use the showers to rinse yourself before returning to your bungalow.
Outside, personal lockers are available where you can stock you own equipment as well as locked closets to hang your wetsuit.

Diving Schedule

For certified divers

We organize two-tank dives each morning. The meeting time is generally at 8am. This way, while limiting the transportation time, you can enjoy two different dives in one half-day. The return is usually between 11:30 and 12 noon depending on the distance of the sites. This leaves you the rest of the afternoon to take advantage of other activities.
If you would also like to do another (or only one) dive in the afternoon, no problem! A second outing is scheduled, but this time to only one site. The meeting time is at 1pm with a return at around 3pm.
By request, for a minimum of 4 divers, night dives can be arranged.

For beginners

Fun dives or lessons are organized each morning and afternoon as needed.
Initiation dives are organized each afternoon and meet at the center at 1pm.
The dive center is open all year long.