The Equipment
Boat, Tanks, BCDs, Regulators,compressor

Both of the boats we use in Bora Bora are aluminum and specially designed for our activity.
They are each equiped with the following:
- Navigation lights for night
- Fixed unit Marine VHF radio
- Oxygen therapy equipment
- First Aid kit

28 ft. covered aluminum hull

- 2 outboard motors 115 hp each
- 15 divers plus driver
- 30 tank holders
- 2 remountable ladders in the back of the boat

23 ft. covered aluminum hull
- 1 outboard motor 175 hp
- 11 divers plus driver
- 25 tank holders
- 1 remountable ladder in the back of the boat

Exclusively furnished by Sherwood, you will be pleasantly surprised by its quality. Our professional team performs constant maintenance to keep it in top condition.

- 45 (12 litre) aluminium tanks (Catalina or Luxfer)
- 2 (15 litre) aluminium tanks
- 20 Sherwood Brut regulators with console and octopus
- 25 Genesis Cayman BCDs
- 25 3mm shorty wetsuits
- Assorted sizes of fins, masks and weight belts
- 5 waterproof lights for night dives

- DIN adaptors

Notice regarding our tanks:

We offer 12 litre aluminium tanks (not weight compensated). Each diver will need about 3 additional kgs. of weights as opposed to the weights normally used with 12 litre steel tanks.
Our valves are not compatible with regulators that have DIN connectors, but we have adapters available.


Our compressor, which is located behind the diver reception area, is extremely well insulated, and creates little noise disturbance. This mini Verticus BAUER - 13.5 m3/hr. with 4 holding tanks of 50 litres each filled to 300 bars (3000 psi) allows us to rapidly fill the tanks between dives.

Furnished with an automatic stop and purge system allows our instructors to spend more time with the divers.

The air quality is controlled regularly.