Manihi, already famous for its black pearls, the symbol of Tahiti, has earned an honored place in the international diving world.

This atoll is easily accessible from Tahiti by one or more flights each day, and from Bora Bora three times a week by Air Tahiti.
From Tahiti, count on about a 1 hour and 15 minute flight, or 20 minutes from Rangiroa.

Mahihi holds most of its resources in the pearl industry and tourism thanks to the existance of a high standard hotel, the Manihi Pearl Beach Resort, and two family guest houses.
Populated by 800 inhabitants, it is one ot the three northernmost atolls of the Tuamotu Archipilago (see map).

Generally drier and often sunny with cooling tradewinds make the stay most enjoyable


Thanks to its modest size and its geographic location far off the beaten path, Manihi offers excellent diving conditions unique to these islands.
Close sites of impressive seascapes with a large desity and variety of species are the specifications that make this destination so special.
Moderate currents in the pass, the clarity of the water, and dive sites protected from the wind and waves make Manihi the ideal dive destination for experienced as well as beginner divers.