Dive Center Description - Dive Organisation
Manihi Blue Nui was rebuilt into the Manihi Pearl Beach Resort in 1995.
It is located right on the marina of the hotel.
Exchanges between the center and the dive boat, as well as equipment placement and storage is very easy.

All for your comfort and convenience.
Inside, everything is laid out to make you feel welcome.

One large open room makes conversation easy with the friendly team as well as documenting your dives upon return. With a large stock of magazines, fish books and maps, it is easy to have all the information you need regarding the flora and fauna of our underwater world.
A large fresh-water tank is available for rinsing all equipment after each dive.

You can even use our showers to remove the salt from yourself before returning to your bungalow.

Ventilated lockers are available to stock your personal equipment, as well as closets to hang your wetsuits.

Organization of the Dives:

Due to the fact that the dive sites are located within 10 minutes of the center, our schedule is rather flexible. We organize two dives each day for certified divers and beginners.

Generally at 8:30am and 1:30pm for certified divers, and for beginners at 10:30am and eventually 3:00pm if requested.

Since we are located within the hotel, we ask to meet with divers every evening at the bar between 6:30 and 7:00pm to be able to organize the dives for the next day and answer any questions.