Tikehau is the prime example of how man and nature can live in perfect harmony. The beaches surrounding the lagoon are pristine and the scenery is picture postcard perfect.

The richness of the life both underwater and on land is unique. During one of his expeditions, Jacques-Yves COUSTEAU declared Tikehau the richest atoll on the face of the earth.
This classification is far from surprising.

Since the construction of the hotel in 2001, the flights to this destination are more frequent. You can get there from Manihi, Rangiroa, Bora Bora or Tahiti

This atoll, with a population of only 500, is located just a few minutes by plane from Rangiroa (see map). Tikehau residents depend essentially on fishing and tourism as their way of life. You can find a number of family guest houses and the welcome is very warm.

The diving is the main attraction of the island. Most of the sites are located near the passe TUHEIAVA. There are not only many different species of reef fish, but also pelagics.

Dolphins are encountered frequently during the boat rides to the dive sites.